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Business Consulting from startups to
mid-sized companies

We specialize in startups and well established companies, yearly revenue ranging from 1-15 million euros (or £).

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About us

We specialize in business consulting services. We are best suited for you if you own or manage a company that has been running for years and has established it's place on the market. You want to increase your company's profitability and effectiveness and/or increase your yearly revenue.

Consulting Pricing

Below you can find our pricing models.

Evaluating session
1-2 hours
  • Assessing your company's situation and needs
  • Your company's goals
  • Benefits of our services
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Business Consulting
Price per hour
  • Hourly rate of our consulting work
  • All consulting services
  • Reasonable pricing
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Business Plan creation
Starting from €1200
  • Business Plan
  • Market research
  • Mapping of competitors and their pricing
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Online marketing
Price per hour
  • Google Ads & Youtube
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Analytics and conversion rate
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At your service

Contact me and we can discuss your special needs, if it's about business consulting, sales management or online presence and analytics.

Mikko Kuukasjarvi

Director, Founder

+358 44 941 0454
Mobile, WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal

London Office number: +44 20 8144 4364

Over 23 years of experience in multiple business fields since 2000.


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